Five Things You Must Do Before You Relocate to a New State

Five Things You Must Do Before You Relocate to a New State

How to install a Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm

In my town home community, we had a case in one nearby building of carbon monoxide spreading into our home as well as others.  We were awaken to our detector at about 1 a.m. that night.  The town home with the problem had levels at 200% according to the firefighters.  It is any wonder that the family was alive.  Ours was at 90%.  We were evacuated and a paramedic arrived to check on us.  They cleared out both homes and broke into a vacant one.  We were able to return to our home about an hour later.  The source was a broken heating unit leaking out the poisonous gas.  Get a carbon monoxide detector it will save your life and get new heating equipment if yours is faulty.


How to hang wallpaper part 1: preparation and other helpful videos

Ask your landlord before you attempt this project. 

Check out part 2 - How to hang wall paper https://youtu.be/aRnjWu1B9oE

Check out part 3 - How to hang wallpaper part 3: corners & obstacles  https://youtu.be/-m14OhoR-Ec


Do You Know Someone Who is Planning to Relocate?

If you or someone you know is seeking to gain information about apartment shopping, rentals, and the industry in general, please feel free to share posts on this blog.  We greatly appreciate your support and we hope that what you learn from this site will be most beneficial!

Nicholl McGuire
Blog Owner


After Move: 10 Tips on Unpacking

After Move: 10 Tips on Unpacking: How to organize blog for people who love to home organize, clean up a workspace, organize closet, prepare for guests--enjoy organizing your life!


Tenant Inspections: 5 Things Tenants Never Clean When Moving Out

The following are some more things that go unnoticed when cleaning left by commenters on YouTube:

Top of door frames
Doors with square designs
Door knobs on and around
Window frames
Window ledges
Sliding door and window inside tracks
Sliding door and window glass (inside and outside)
Above kitchen cabinets
Top, inside and out side of bathroom medicine cabinets/mirrors
Light fixtures (inside and outside)
Under appliances, outside, and around them
Behind and around toilets
Bathroom wall tiles and other grooves
Bathroom cabinets (inside and outside)


Stop Wasting Time - Look for an Apartment, Deals are Going Away Fast

Before you know it, summer will be here and the deals don't last for long.  During slow seasons you will see more move-in specials, but when moving seasons are at their apex this isn't always the case especially where communities often have a quick turn around or wait list.

Also, be mindful of rent increases too.  Notice online forums where residents share about annual rent increases.  How much are they paying at the community of your interest?  Is it worth it?

Many apartment seekers waste time when it comes to renting a suite because they are indecisive.  The indecision will cost them.  A deal that is here this month, most likely will go away next month.  So if you don't know what you really want to do, you will pay for it later.  Leasing consultants can only hold an application with a deposit for so long.  Find out how much time you have to make a decision.  Be prepared to shell out many application fees if you can't seem to make up in your mind what you want to do.  Be sure you are able to get your deposit back if you should change your mind.

Have a great apartment search!

Nicholl McGuire


Trends in Apartment Renting



Too Crowded, Too Loud at Your Residence?

Buildings, Urban, Urbanistion, City

It happens, you end up settling with a residence that is too crowded and loud.  You really wish you could be anywhere but where you are.  But for now, you feel stuck.  Some things you can do to relieve some stress:

1.  Plan activities so you are not always home especially on weekends.
2.  Sound proof a room and invest in some ear phones for radio, TV, computer, etc.
3.  Find instruments that you can play using headphones.
4.  Don't worry over problem neighbors who are too loud, file a complaint with the landlord or police.
5.  Always be on the look out for available apartments in your community or in a desired location.
6.  Save your money for an upcoming move and check your lease on when to give a notice.
7.  Don't invite family and friends over, rather go where they are or arrange to meet somewhere.

You can probably think of other ways to bring peace to your situation.  Try your best to look on the bright side especially when you see yet another homeless man or woman on the street.  Count your blessings!  Do check this site on ways to remedy problems from maintenance issues to pests.

Nicholl McGuire has lived in many different areas over 20 years including Ohio, Pennsylvania and California.  She has also managed and leased units.  Nowadays, she stays in a multi-family dwelling with amenities including a pool she will never use.  Enjoy this blog, feel free to subscribe today!


Renting Out My First Property: Advice

Real Estate Investor gives advice.  Join this blog for more information about apartment rentals.


How do I rent an apartment with no credit?

Calling All Apartment Shoppers, Leasing Consultants, Managers, Realtors

Share your real estate knowledge, resources, and other useful information with an audience that is often looking for apartments, homes, and more. 

We welcome business professionals, new renters, and others to this blog.  We have been around for years now showcasing some of the most interesting work about communities, people, and more.

We hope that you will consider sharing a blog post, resource, video, or something else related to the property management industry, your property, etc. 

Gain more exposure for your business, YouTube channel, and other social networking sites.  Send all correspondence to nichollmcguire@gmail.com to be featured on this site in the near future.  All the best to you!


Apartment Leasing Tips, Useful Video and Help for New Renters and Staff

Having learned so much starting out as an apartment leasing consultant back in 2002 and then becoming a community manager in 2004, I felt the need over the years to help the public with their rental concerns. I instructed them on what to expect when they set out seeking an apartment rental whether at a multi-family dwelling, senior high rise, off campus site, or elsewhere--there is much to discover! 

With every experience renting, you discover what you can tolerate and what you won't.  I am so grateful to those who stop by and check out the work on this site and please do share with others.  Feel free to scroll around and find something related to your situation. 

Thank you for your support!

Nicholl McGuire


Blog Owner Provides Tips and Features Fellow Organizers on Home Organization Site

It isn't just apartments that Nicholl McGuire, this blog owner, former community manager and leasing consultant talks about on and offline, but she features some of the best organizers and their useful ideas on a home organization blog.  If your place is in need of a serious make-over or a simple fix, then stop by http://organizerhome.blogspot.com  Receive the latest posts simply by subscribing today!



Be careful don't burn your carpet!  Watch your heat setting.


New Apartment Renter Experience, Tips

When I first started looking for an apartment on my own, I came across an ad in the newspaper that I liked.  I called about the place and made an appointment to go visit.  Now to save you some time what I'm about to reveal are some things that might come up during the initial or later visits to the property.

The first is whether you have someone who would be willing to co-sign on the apartment.  Since my credit history wasn't that good and I didn't have a lot of money, I had to ask my parents to co-sign on the studio apartment I selected.

The next was I needed to be sure I had state issued identification or birth certificate and social security information until I got new ID (if you are out of the country you will need to show your passport), at least six months proof of income, and checking and savings information.  Do find out what is needed before you arrive.

Third, I had to save money for a security deposit.  So upon arrival I needed an application fee.  The leasing consultant said she could hold the apartment for about a week with a small deposit that would go toward the rent.  However, I needed to have the prorated first month's rent and a security deposit prior to move-in.  Depending on credit history, a company might ask you for two or three months rent prior to move-in.

Fourth, if my parents hadn't helped me move, I would have had to pay moving expenses.  Do shop around if you plan on hiring a company to help you move.  Also, check for discounts and coupons.  When I moved later in life, the local newspaper and Pennysaver was helpful.  I saved much money.

Lastly, be sure you budget for things like gas, water, trash, electricity, phone, cable, etc.  Find out what you will need to pay for in advance.  Don't sign any paperwork until you know where your money is going.  Read the fine print.  Also, do not feel pressured to sign everything quickly ask the leasing consultant to give you some time to review the contracts at the office with a loved one or roommate.  Most companies will not allow you to take the leasing contract away from the site, just the application and other material about the community.

Overall, my first transition from parent's home to my own studio apartment went smoothly.  The leasing consultant was kind and patient.  I took the time to tour the suite a couple of times before I moved in.  I paid attention to the exterior and interior of the building.  I checked for any signs of insects and rodents.  I also observed the residents and neighbors.

I had a set time to move-in and arrived early.  I followed the rules given to me and didn't cause any issues.  The neighbors were friendly.  I also maintained a tidy apartment and when issues arose, I called the leasing office as soon as possible.  I paid my rent on time each month and I kept in mind that my parents co-signed on a studio for me, so I didn't want to do anything to negatively impact their credit.  My job paid me bi-weekly so I saved part of my rent out of one check and part of the other out of the next check.  Any additional money that wasn't spent was put away in case of future emergencies.  I listed all my expenses from laundry to creditors.  I knew each month how much money was going out and coming in.  I made extra money freelancing my writing and typing skills.

Here's to your future move!  Stay safe and once again read the fine print!

Nicholl McGuire Apartment Leasing Tips Blog Owner


Troubleshooting A Leaking Fridge | PartSelect.com

In this video you'll learn what can cause a fridge to leak.

Remember, parts are specific to your model and the ones shown today may not be the right parts for you. To get the right part for your refrigerator, be sure to search http://www.partselect.com/ using your model number.

If you need help finding your model number, use our model number locator guide: http://www.partselect.com/model-numbe....

Here are a few things to check if your fridge is leaking:

Where is the leak? (0:25)

Check the tubing associated with the ice maker or water dispenser (1:03)

Inspect the refrigerator drain pan (1:39)

A faulty door seal or gasket can cause a fridge to leak. (2:31)

Locate and inspect the fridge's drain tube (3:38)

Check the ice maker in the freezer (4:42)

Look for leaks around the water dispenser's reservoir (5:30)

For more information about diagnosing your broken refrigerator and other common home appliance symptoms, go to http://www.partselect.com/Repair/Refr...


Types of Apartments You Might Be Interested In

If you plan on moving this year, there are a variety of dwellings you may not have considered moving into, but for the right price, who knows?  Look up the following in your favorite browser window and include your desired location.  Happy shopping!

1.  Garage apartments
2.  Studio apartments
3.  Loft apartments
4.  Small apartments
5.  Bungalows (not an apartment more like a very small home).
6.  Basement apartments
7.  Flats
8.  Penthouse
9.  Single room occupancy
10.  Condo

If you plan on moving out to California, feel free to stop by this location site that features many cities in the state.

All the best to you with your apartment shopping experiences!


How to fix a faucet with low water pressure | bathroom sink | kitchen sink

Always check your lease before getting started on any project.  You can be held responsible for any damages to property if you don't know what you are doing.  Call leasing office and make a work order request so that maintenance can take a look at the problem.

Click here for part as seen in video.

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