Recognize Signs of Water Problems in the Ceilings

The following are photos of a rental home that had many problems with a leaky roof.  The owner decided to get a contractor to hide the cosmetic defects within the home prior to putting it out on market, rather than replacing the roof.  The owner may have been in over his or her head with expenses and couldn't afford to replace the roof. 

The landlord, and those managing the unit, may have hoped that the cover-up wouldn't be exposed before the residents' lease term ended.  However, problems showed up before the expiration date.  The water damage increased in size, leaving trails of water marks behind, and began to damage other ceiling areas in the four-bedroom rental by shifting its direction when it rained resulting in a buildup of mold and mildew in the attic area.  See some photos below and notice the cover ups that eventually became more visual:

The dampness caused the light to no longer work.

Behind this ceiling shot is mold and mildew, leaving behind an unpleasant odor in the home.
Warning: when shopping for a rental home, always look up!  Some leasing consultants are very skilled at distracting prospects away from the flaws in the rental.  Deceptive behavior eventually will be found out and it is then that disgruntled residents will make threats to sue.


Has this happened to you while shopping for an apartment?

Take names of the leasing agents and report them to corporate.  They are supposed to help you!  Finding a place to stay is important and should be treated as such!

Don't Let a Nonchalant Leasing Consultant Keep You from Seeing the Place

Apartment leasing sales reps come and go, but a quality apartment community can last forever!  Don't let your dream apartment slip through the cracks, because of an uncaring, tired of his job, kind of leasing consultant!


Look for Things in an Apartment that are Appealing Before You Sign a Lease

Apartment shoppers don't always pay attention to the little things when seeking their future  residence.  A place that you are going to spend the most of your time during evenings and weekends will grate on your nerves if it has its share of issues.  If you or someone living with you will be there often, it would make sense to look for any potential problems that you know that person can't live with before signing any apartment lease contract. Be sure things will be fixed or upgraded prior to move-in.

Everyone has their preferences.  Some apartment shoppers are high maintenance types who need everything to look and work right prior to moving-in.  Others don't care so much and won't mind waiting for some things to get done while living in a suite (I don't recommend).  But wherever you fall in the range of high maintenance to low, one thing is for sure, you want a livable, visibly appealing suite.

Apartment management and staff must ensure that all small and large things are handled in a unit including needed upgrades.  The following photographs show how a manager noticed the little things and made sure needed upgrades were done.

Some things to think about when making a suite rent ready.

1.  Are tiled floors visually appealing?

2.  Is the paint job in the unit fresh and professionally done?

3.  Are sink fixtures workable and upgraded to match the rest of the unit?

4.  Are the outlet covers installed correctly and clean?

5. Is lighting adequate throughout the place?

6.  Does the bathroom fan work and is it clean?  What about other vents?

7.  Is the toilet seat spotless and secure?

8.  Does the ceiling fan work?

9.  Is the thermostat upgraded to save the resident money?

10.  Are door handles easy to use and nice to view?

11.  Is the fire alarm modern and is it operable?

12.  Do the closet upgrades fit a modern lifestyle?


Be Courteous to Neighbors this Valentine's Day

Oh, the lovers under many covers during the holiday of love.  If you have ever worked in leasing or even bothered to walk a large property during the night, you know about the sounds of loud love-making.  They can be grating on one's nerves especially if he or she isn't in a relationship or has many on-going problems.  Throw in the sounds of children who don't want to go to bed while sexually frustrated parents yell at them, "Go to bed or else!"  It can be a zoo sometimes around a holiday season.  So what to do?

Contact management about the noise only if it is consistently happening.  For instance, if you don't typically hear loud music coming from Apartment 10, it could be that he or she is purposely drowning out any potential noise.   If notified, staff will send a warning to the unit the following day without giving any information about who specifically is complaining about the noise. 

Be sure that you note the date and time loud noises have been happening.  You might ask courtesy patrol (if there is any on the property) to knock on the door of the residence who keeps up the noise.  If it is an ongoing problem, you can always contact the police.  However, keep in mind, for many couples it may be a long time before loud love-making happens again.  So you might want to use your earphones that night to fall asleep.

For those feeling a little frisky that night, try being polite and keep your voices down like put a sock in it!

Happy Valentines Day!

Nicholl McGuire


A Word from the Creator of Apartment Leasing Tips Blog

As a former community manager, leasing consultant, and renter, I know how frustrating it can be to search for a satisfactory apartment or town home.  I have personally moved 16 times during my adult life and counting.  Some of those moves were across the nation such as, Cleveland Ohio to San Diego California for starters.  There were ups and downs during each move, but I always learned something from each challenge.  Many of my lessons learned are found on this blog.  I sincerely hope that you will take advantage of the valuable information found here.  I think both apartment staff and renters will find this blog useful.

I maintain and contribute to other blogs as well.  Those include: Workplace Problems, Solutions, Laboring to Love an Abusive Mate, and Things to Do When Bored just to name a few.

I personally thank you readers for stopping by and showing your support.  Feel free to subscribe and comment to the blog entries posted weekly.


Nicholl McGuire

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